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February 7, 2004
i want him ..... ;)

omg i want him so bad.....he even knows it...lol....mad fun chillin wit him ed n wendels aka wenley...lol....i figured out wendels last name...its lewis....hehe.....scott member the guy witt a eye patch n glasses over omfg that was sum funnt shyt.....lmao......lol...i think today im goin to his basketball game at like 2 wit bethy b then after we gon chill at the mall n buy summore clothes....lol.....gotta luv the gurl.....haha santos meber in science wit the salty rox that i put in mah mouf omg they were mad nasty.....but i was funny...then when u sed 2 go knock mah self out i went slapped mah self.....hahaha......we gotta chill summore...lol

wantin him...

Jam!ne  aka Jazzy J

Posted at 7:53 am by baddirrtygrl69
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February 4, 2004
fun fun fun

i had mad fun this week....so far.....chillin wit wenly anthony n ed after school n doin sum stupid shit. lmfao.....gotta luv em.... without them this week would have blowed...lol hahaha omg im so random.... i want sum1 really really bad but he dont no it n he needs to no b4 i go crazy....lol.....this weekend i think ima do sumthin wit beth ....i think we mite go to sum abraxis concert er sumthin like that.....then i think me n amanda mite do sumthin (not santos)...... :P  <----8  hahaha lmfao

well ne ways...

 wantin him...

Jasm!ne aka Jazzy J

Posted at 2:18 pm by baddirrtygrl69
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February 1, 2004

i havent written in herre in a mad long time...well maybe cuz i got grounded n cuz i had midterms but o well.....this week was mad fun chillin wit ed anthony n wenly..that was grate freezin r asses of evry day outside ..... n all the cards we was readin in wegmans...hahaha....well ne ways i like sum1 new now....hehehehe gotta luv him :)


Posted at 8:56 am by baddirrtygrl69
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January 24, 2004

yeah um......i got grounded on tuesday fer gettin home at like 530 instead of 320 but o well....when am i not grounded....i was only supposed to b grounded till like tuesday but im a retard n started yellin at mah dad n he goes "now yer grounded tilll wednesday"...im like great......i was pissed cuz i was supposed go to devins houz on saturday n meet his ma......but then he called mah houz n mah dad let me talk to him.....i got happy cuz im not supposed to b on the phone or computer.......hmmmmmm then y am i on the comp....IDK...hahaha.......ima prolly go to his houz on friday or saturday n meet his ma then go to the movies or sumthin like that...n actaully watch the movie this time...hahaha...if ya no wut i mean. lol. well neways....mad borin weekend....

luvin him...

                                Jam!ne aka Jazzy J

Posted at 4:45 pm by baddirrtygrl69
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January 18, 2004
mad funn weekend...so far

hahaha....i slept ova bethy b's houz on fridayhad so much fun. we watched 28 days later...then we watched wrong turn....haha beth member when the murderers r talkin n they sound like monkeys n how they laff....ha that was grate....we was playin wit tha cruches fer a mad long time. we was makin 1 go as hi as it cood go the other one as short as it cood go n tried walkin wit em....n i was the dumb 1 to c if it worked n i fell like 3 times...prolly more than that.iwas grate. then when i came home my dad told beth to stop drinkin cuz she had red eye...haha.then i night we gotta another tv n put in the back room....so we set up the ps2. we was playin fer a mad long time....me n mah sis were playin frogger n i was laffin so hard i fell off a chair n then she shit her pants.....hahahahahaha...i was mad funny. maybe ill have even more fun since i got 2 more days till the weekends ova.

luvin him....

                                 Jasm!ne aka Jazzy J

Posted at 8:09 am by baddirrtygrl69
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January 16, 2004

yester day was a snow day. west irondequoit skools finally shut down....the only thing that sucked about it was that i didnt do a damn thang. it was mad cold tho. today was another snow day n i actually did sumthin.....well sort of. i watched mah lil baby all dan me n mah daddrove out to webster cuz he broke the snow blower. lmao. then later tonight im sleepin ova Bethy B's crib. we gon b chillin at the holidae inn. lol. its gon b madd fun.hehehe. i miss mah baby so much....i dont think ive seen him in lika week but i think im either goin to the movies wit him on saturday or sunday or monday.. one of those three days. gotta luv him.

numba 2 representin.....hahahaha SCOTT

luvin him

                       Jazzy J aka Jasm!ne

Posted at 2:10 pm by baddirrtygrl69
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January 14, 2004
prpl wheel chairs

omg today nick felll down the stairs again. i was lmfao. then scott called me up today n we was all talkin bout a wheel chair.he gon b doin poppa whellies down the express way in a wheel chair....not juss anywhell chair but a wheel chair wit a pink flag witta numba 2 on it.  n its gunna have them 10 inch chrome spinners wit 4wheel drive. and mufflers. he gon b pimped out witta stereo n a steerin wheel n a lil horn. ahaha. scott...member ...i like bangin mah face on wheel chairs n steppin in cat shit. ahahaha. o ya n WAZZUP WEST SIIIDE!!lmao


Posted at 5:05 pm by baddirrtygrl69
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January 13, 2004
borin day

omg today was like tha most borin day possible.  well cept fer at lunch when me n nick were together n he decided to roll down the stairs. omg i was lmfao. then i told him to do it again but he tried to jump down em put he ended up like flippin down the stairs n hittin his head on a wall. i was the gratest. lol. o yea then later in the day when joel aka charlie got yelled at by this stupid bitchy lady bc he hugged sombody.  shes on sum kinda drug....i want sum ahahaha lol.

luvin him......


Posted at 2:34 pm by baddirrtygrl69
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January 12, 2004
Mah Life

Rite now im talkin to Bethy B ahhhh.....ima talkin her on the phone...yea ya no. shes not 1 of the smartest pplz but ahhh....we all no that.lol. jp gotta luv tha grl. mad funny day. mah mom she fell on her ass in the snow....then i saw this old ass lady in a bthrobe n a towel on her head drivin in her cheap ass car....but w/e floats yer boat. we got summad phyco ppls in mah skool.....O NO THERES BLOOD ON THA FLOOR.......lmao.   but besides that today was pretty gay.

Luvin him.....


Posted at 1:22 pm by baddirrtygrl69
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